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Neuco has been dedicated to serving our customers since 1993. We take pride in collaborating with a diverse range of markets to deliver turn-key environments. At Neuco, we firmly believe that every customer, regardless of size, deserves to be treated with integrity and transparency.

Modern Office

Our mission is to create tailored spaces with commercial furniture & professional upholstery services

At Neuco, we aim to craft custom spaces by offering a comprehensive range of commercial furniture and professional upholstery services. We strive to be your one-stop solution for all furniture and maintenance needs. Representing major manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of furniture options to suit your unique style and budget requirements.
We offer full-service solutions, delivering new and custom commercial furniture when needed and upholstery services for repairs. At Neuco, we're committed to ensuring your space reflects your vision down to the finest detail.

Office Building Hall

Meet the team

Neuco’s team is made up of Diane Arnold (the owner), Matt Arnold (Operations Man), Greg McKinnon (our amazing Project Manager), and our highly skilled upholsterers with decades of experience.    

Bryan Neu, Founder

Our founder, Bryan Neu, provided the framework for our success as we continue his legacy of quality and efficient craftsmanship.

Bryan Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Diane Arnold, Owner

After 15-years of practicing law, many of those years as a prosecutor, Diane has switched careers to run Neuco. Diane and her husband have 3-young kids and a dog, so they understand the necessity of quality, durable furniture and fabrics.  Diane loves making things look beautiful so she thought she should do it for a living.

Matt Headshot_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Matt Arnold, Operations

Matt, a Neonatologist at Munson Hospital, is Diane’s husband.  When he’s not hanging with the kids, golfing, or flying an airplane, you can find him delivering completed Neuco projects.


Greg McKinnon, PM

Greg is a Traverse City native “boomerang” who relocated back from out West. Greg and his wife (who works for TCAPS) have two kids. Greg is organized, honest and the guy you want helping on your project. When he isn’t rock climbing with his son, he’s probably building something for someone. 

Neuco core values -
tacos served daily

T – Transparency: Building a culture where the default is to share with one another.

A – All in: You bet on Neuco and Neuco bets on you. We are in this together.

C – Customer Obsessed: Focusing on customers means providing quality efficiently.  “Be Fast and Fantastic.”

O – Own mistakes: We fix and fix and fix. Continuous Improvement is a way of life at Neuco.

S – Scrappy: Neuco is smart and resourceful and finds a way to achieve goals using what is available to us. 

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